The installation of your new Bidet Boss is simple and does not require any plumbing skills.

  1. Bidet Boss attaches between your existing toilet seat and rim.
  2. Supplied T-Adapter easily attaches to your toilet’s fresh water supply. The water valve is located on wall behind toilet.
  3. Supplied Metal T-Adapter easily attaches to your sink’s hot water supply (optional).
  4. Easily installs in under 10 minutes. Enjoy!



The unit is leaking at the connections

Unscrew the connection then make sure the threads are lined up straight and you are not tightening on an angle. Once hand tightened, use the supplied wrench to turn another quarter or half turn. If you are still experiencing any leaking, use the included plumbers tape (thread seal tape). Unscrew the connection, wrap tape around thread (multiple times), then try reconnecting with above instructions. This will fix the problem. Also, ensure the rubber stopper is inserted into the metal T-Adapter (for hot water connections) or the hot water inlet cap (for cold water only installations). Sometimes rubber ring insert changes position while tightening and this will result in leaking. Make sure the rubber seal is sitting flat (not angled) and tighten connection again.


My toilet does not have a tank and I cannot see water supply valve

You may have a designer toilet system which there is no water tank connected to the toilet. It is rare, but if this is the case, you likely have the water supply valve located in your wall. It is recommended a plumber take care of this for you, or simply contact us for a refund. Bidet Boss works with all standard toilets, or toilets with water supply easily available.